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About Inle Inn Pindaya

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Pindaya Inle Inn is Located approximately 1 hour from Heho Airport. A minimum of two flights per day operate form Yangon, Bagan,Mandalay, Tachilake and Kyaing Tong to Heho. The Hotel is situated at the entrance of pindaya town surrounded by historic and magnificent Banyan. Trees facing the beautiful Pone-Ta-Loke loke. The Hotel was built in 1994 and it is an inspiration of traditional style in pindaya area.

Inle Inn Pindaya is located at Pindaya Town, 3880ft above the sea level and it’s built at 1994. It is an inspiration of traditional style Hotel in Pindaya area and start with fourteen bamboo rooms ,Thu Da Nu Restaurant and Reception. Then after slowly extend the room until 2011. The rooms and the theme of hotel is catching up the sense of the traditional local environment nature.

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